Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thunder and Ashes

Thunder and Ashes is the sequel to the Plague of the dead. Below that are a few of the earlier comps. The gas masked zombies are all in varying degrees of composition and I do love them, but in the end yellow beat them out. I guess yellow is the first thing I think of when I picture "thunder" or lightening too.

I was very saddened when the author Z.A. Recht passed away late year. He was an incredibly talented writer. My heartfelt condolences go out to the family.

A LOT CAN CHANGE IN THREE MONTHS: Wars can be decided, nations can be forged . . . or entire species can be brought to the brink of annihilation. The Morningstar virus has swept the face of the planet, infecting billions. Its hosts rampage; its victims don't die, but are reborn as cannibalistic shamblers.

SCATTERED ACROSS THE WORLD, EMBATTLED GROUPS HAVE PERSEVERED. For some, survival is the pinnacle of achievement. Others hoard goods and weapons. And still others leverage power over the remnants of humanity with a mysterious cure. Francis Sherman and Anna Demilio want only a vaccine, but to find it they must cross a ravaged landscape of the infected and the lawless living.

THE BULK OF THE STORM HAS PASSED, leaving echoing thunder and softly drifting ashes. But for the survivors, the peril remains, and the search for a cure is just beginning. . . .

Returning to the terrifying vision of his "awesome zombie novel" (David Moody) Plague of the Dead, Z.A. Recht "will once again make you turn your lights on" (J.L. Bourne) with
this chilling apocalyptic thriller.

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